Illustrator Creations

I’m not very artistically gifted, so I just drew a simple face in Illustrator using some of the different brushes.   I wrote my name in 3D and played with the different colors and patterns that Illustrator offers.   Advertisements


Resume Templates This site offers an array of resume templates that attempt to set you apart from others who might use a standard, old-fashioned resume when looking for a job.  I think it’s a good idea.  In a time when technology is in the forefront and appears as though it will remain so for a … Continue reading

Art Poster

This is the creative online art poster that I made.  I decided to make a poster for one of my favorite bands, Camera Obscura.  I started with a photo of band member, Carey Lander.  I used the magnetic lasso to cut her out of the original photo and put her on a page with a … Continue reading

Photoshop Edits

For this edit I used a basic paint brush for the lips and the eyes.  I turned the opacity down on both, but more so on the eyes so that there would still be some texture.  Originally, I colored in her skin, but I didn’t like how it looked so I undid that and left … Continue reading

Artist: Bill Gold

Movie poster artist Bill Gold has created a lot of recognizable pieces like the ones above.  I love how combines simplicity and complexity.  If you look at the little details of each poster you can tell how much thought and work went into each design, but the overall outcome of each isn’t overbearing or too … Continue reading

Ezine Prototype

My ezine is called “The Film Strip” and it’s about everything movie-related.  The target audience is everyone who is interested in movies, so basically everyone.  It will probably appeal largely to young adults, especially those are avid movie watchers and enjoy learning extra tidbits about their favorite films. At the top, you’ll see I have … Continue reading

Online Privacy

Article: Obama Administration Seeks Online Privacy Rules The world we live in today allows little privacy. I believe online privacy is extremely necessary and important. As one of many people who uses the internet for banking, shopping, paying bills, etc. I would like to be reassured that my personal information isn’t at risk of being in … Continue reading

My Own Creation

I made this logo for our “List Lord” website using Adobe Fireworks. The site is going to feature a variety of lists about everything imaginable. I thought the design of this logo was fitting. I used the crown to incorporate the “lord” part of our title. I added a slogan so that the design didn’t … Continue reading

A Quality Design

I really like the design of this concert poster.  It’s simple in the right places and complex in the right places.  The colors complement each other nicely and the flow of the poster as a whole really works.  It’s not cluttered, yet it includes all the information one needs to know.  Overall it’s quite simple, … Continue reading

“This Week in Censorship”

Article: “This Week in Censorship” I don’t see the point in this “redirect.”  The greatest part of the internet is having access to people and information from all over the world.  Why limit it?  If people cannot express themselves openly on a blog that is about their own ideas and opinions then what’s the point of … Continue reading